Thursday, November 1, 2007


On the eve of my own revival, God gave me this today.

When revival comes to our home church,
we often hear and say,
"I hope someone gets saved this week",
thats usually what we pray.

But think for just one moment,
imagine if you will,
the person standing next to you,
not knowing how they feel.

So instead of asking God to save,
our loved ones and our friends,
let's pray, "Dear Lord Revive Us All",
thats where it all begins.

THEN if we humbly bow our heads,
and pray, and seek his face,
those souls that we've been longing for,
I know, will fill this place.


Anonymous said...

God bless you for letting Him use you! This is great Randy, I check it daily, and by the visitor count, I see others are noticing. Keep it up you modern day psalmist. Mark

Anonymous said...

May God truly bless you! Keep up the work of God. Your blog is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

The poem is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Jared Crouse said...

Can i use this poem for lyrics to a song?

Elizabeth Simmons said...

Beautiful, beautiful, I was in need of reading a poem for our revival, I got online and I saw your site and I didn't have to go any further, because I knew god guided me to your poem site, thanks for this one it is so fitting. Keep the spiritual words flowing. May god continue to bless you beyond your dreams.