Friday, November 9, 2007

The love the Father has for us,
he gave so we can share,
not only those who fit our "type",
but people everywhere.

You know the one who's clothes are torn,
and skin is stained with dirt,
can you love, or will you laugh,
and cause them needless hurt.

Or the one who stands beside,
the road and holds a sign,
"Homeless, Hungry, Will You Help",
at your house can he dine?

Do you check their worthiness,
before you lend a hand,
how and why they got this way,
is that what Jesus planned?

Or did he say "Feed them all",
regardless why they came,
he broke and blessed the bread and fish,
and fed each one the same.

Repulsed by how they look and smell,
remember this today,
picture Christ at Calvary,
exactly the same way.

His clothes were torn, his hair a mess,
filth from head to toe,
dirt, spit, sweat, and blood,
the Greatest Love you'll know.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! Absolutely perfect! Well said. Mark