Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Gift

There once was a great man, a Father to many, for he had adopted a multitude of children. One day the youngest came to the Father and said, "My brothers have told me that you have a gift for all your children, and when the time is come, you freely give to each one, that which he deserves". And the Father said to him, "It is true that I freely give to all my children, to each one that is ready and has received my teachings with all their hearts". Then the youngest, thinking in his mind said, "Father, I am ready".
The next day the Father went unto him and said, "If you wish to receive your gift, follow me". So the man followed his Father for many days, through many valley's, and over many mountains, and upon seeing a gift in the distance, began to walk ahead of his Father, and not looking back, without realizing, had lost sight of his Father. Nevertheless, he took the gift and began to use and enjoy it.
Now only after a few days, the man became unhappy with his gift and went to his Father and said, "My brothers who have received their gifts, and have received them many years ago, still today use them with much gladness, but I, although thankful, do not find much joy in my gift".
The Father said to him, "Because you had no patience, and chose to run ahead instead of following me, you have surely erred. For what you thought was yours, was not yours, but your brothers. Now I will take that which you thought was yours, and give it unto him when he is ready. And as for you, when you are truly ready to receive and believe my teachings, Follow Me".

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