Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What are you looking for?

Do you remember the time when you were looking for something, shoes, car keys, or a book, and you couldn't find it? You probably shouted from the other room, "I cant find it" or "its not here"! Then your mother or spouse or someone else came into the room and said, "its right here. You didn't look very hard".

We often times are so hurried that we don't take the time to look good enough. Then there are those times when we are alone and we need to find that fishing lure, pocket knife, or magazine. We spend hours pulling out every drawer in the house, searching through every box in the attic, and opening every cabinet in the garage until we find that one special item and we say "I knew it was here"!

How do we look for Gods love and mercy? Do we spend a few minutes and then give up, hoping someone else knows where it is and will tell us? Or do we diligently search for hours and hours, digging deeper and deeper, until the prized possession is ours? Are we just looking, or are we searching?

Seek and ye shall find!

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