Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Broken Chains

(sang with country "twang")

Sleeping in on Sunday morning,
all my family heading out to church,
hanging out with my friends all night,
telling jokes and laughing till it hurts
somehow I thought my life was perfect,
nobody to answer to but me,
I never listened to Grandma's stories,
of a man called Jesus - of Galilee.
See the walls start falling down,
the chains of bondage breaking loose from me,
with every breath I have inside,
I'll praise your holy name now that I'm free.
I didn't need to hear that preacher,
telling me my soul was bound for hell,
or to close my eyes and bow my head,
and meet a God whose love wont fail,
what a wasted life I spent,
all the years of wandering on my own,
then you came into my life,
Jesus your the best friend - I've ever known.
Waking up on Sunday morning,
with my family heading out to church.

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