Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Builder

Here is the first "parable" I received, back in April, sitting in my truck at 6:45 am. My interpretation- I am the builder. The "house" is my relationship with God. The "covering" is the Holy Spirit.

There was a man who decided to build a house for God. He began his work with great joy, and labored much. He had a strong foundation and straight walls, but he became weary from the work and said to himself, "I will not work today, but do this and that, (for there were many distractions around him), and do twice as much tomorrow". But the next day he continued not his work and said again, "I will work tomorrow", and he said this for many days until the desire to build the house left him.
One day, after many seasons had past, the man said, "I will rise up and go again to build a house for the Lord". The old liar, knowing that the man desired to build again, said to him,"What are you thinking? Don't you know that what you started many years ago has long since been destroyed because you had no covering to protect it from the winds and rains? And because you said daily, I will work tomorrow, and did not, the people will laugh and will not believe that you will finish your work".
Nevertheless the man went to the house, and was exceedingly glad to find that it stood strong (for he had built it on a solid foundation), and he said, "I will first repair that which I have let decay, for I had no roof. I will remove the dirt and rocks and mop up the water, and daily I will place a covering round about, so I do not lose that which I gain".
Now for several days the man labored to clean up the house which he started to build, and some that passed by said,"why do you work on that house again? You will only tire of it, and leave it to rot as in past days", but others said, "see how he places the covering over and around it, surely he will finish his work".
And the man worked many years, night and day, to finish the house that he built for God, always having it covered, that it would never decay again.

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