Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Great I Am

He spoke, and the world was created
He smiled, and said this work is good
the moon and the stars
He placed into orbit, let every creature say,
Blessing and honor, glory and power,
and worthy is the Lamb,
with thousands of thousands, voices of angels,
singing praise to Him, the Great I Am

By his hand, every mountain raised
his voice, and the waters they came
the lamb and the lion
he made them together, let every creature say,
With one more day of work to go
he created you and me
to one day worship at his feet
and proclaim his majesty


Richard Beckner said...

It is good to see you have begun to share. I know much more will follow. God Bless You keep it coming.

Angie Beckner said...

Great Randy! It is such a blessing to see the wonderful talent God gave you put to use. I love You! Angie Beckner