Monday, November 19, 2007

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted lately. Well, the truth is that I have ran out of writings. You see, most of my previous posts came from a collection over the past several months. Now I could make up some stuff, but that would take away from the uniqueness of this site. Don't you agree? Everything you read here is inspired by a study of Gods word, or by events that happen during my day.(which is the main source)
With that said, today's post was given to me today, after a proud(and rightly so) father called me and allowed me to listen to his daughter pray at church.

A special thanks to Kelsey Legg, for her inspiration, her sincerity, and her faith.

May God help me, to humble myself as a child, and lay aside every weight, as I approach the throne of grace!

I listened to a prayer today,
unlike I usually hear,
full of love and tenderness,
it made me shed a tear.
It wasn't from a tired saint,
who's waiting for the day,
when Jesus comes to take him home,
where forever he will stay.
It wasn't from a broken heart,
alone now in this place,
asking God to ease their pain,
and fill the empty space.
Some things in life can touch your soul,
and give your heart a whirl,
just like the prayer I heard today,
from a seven year old girl.

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Anonymous said...

this is the seven year old girl. Thank you for posting your poem about my prayer . I really liked it . it was awsome!