Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Word

One day there was a certain man who came upon a group of christians discussing the word of God. There was among them one who was scolding another, for he read the Holy Scriptures from a different interpretation.
The man who passed by said,"why do you scold this one", and they said to him,"he reads the Holy Scriptures from an interpretation that is not known to us or acceptable."
The man said unto them,"you have spoken with your own mouths that what he reads is the Holy Scriptures. I ask each of you, he that is wisest among you, let him read to me from the Hebrew, and from the Latin, and from the Greek." And they answered him and said "we cannot, for we do not understand these writings, but our fathers before us have translated so we may read and understand."
And the man said,"it is good that you read and understand, but why do you place this as a stumbling stone before your brother? For which is easier, to have him read and not understand, and seek for one to explain it, or read that which is already explained, and be filled with joy because of his understanding?"
"Those who hunger for Gods word, may they find it in any and all interpretation, with understanding, joy, and peace."

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