Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Service Engine Soon

Monday morning while driving to work I received that annoying warning that all car owners hate to get. The dreaded "Service Engine Soon" light came on. Although I drive a company truck and any repairs needed will be taken care of, there is still that feeling of the unknown; when and where will I break down. Now if this was my own personal vehicle, I would really be worried because of the the other unknown - the cost.

Now lets go back ten hours to Sunday night. I like to think of myself and I'm sure others also think of me as the "gap-filler". If there is someone who is absent for any reason, or you just need someone to do something, ask me, I always say yes. Until Sunday night.

The co-leader of our Youth Ministry asked me if I was ready to speak again in their upcoming service, and I told her I would rather not, and that I thought she should ask the younger men, giving them more experience. I thought my reasoning was right on. After all, I am comfortable "stepping out of the boat", and speaking in front of this smaller group could be a stepping stone to bigger audiences for one or all of these younger men. WRONG!

Needless to say, I tossed and turned all night, not going to sleep at all until 1:30am or so. I had planted a seed of doubt in this young ladies mind. The next time she needs a speaker for her service, will she automatically think of me next time?

Back to Monday and the dreaded light. I knew what I had to do. This is my own personal vessel, no one else is going to pay for this. I had to fix it my self. So I called her and apologized, again stating my reasoning, but also assuring her that anytime she needs me, just ask.

Praise God that when we have something going wrong in our vessels and we aren't hitting on all cylinders he warns us with his "Service Engine Soon" light!

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